Compact A2108/LSR/232 Non Contact Tachometer with RS232 Output, NO DISPLAY, ASCII Data Output In Hexadecimal Format

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Compact A2108 Tachometer with Analog Output
Compact A2108-LSR Tachometer with Analog Output

The Compact A2108 Tachometer with Analog Output is designed to provide short term continuous monitoring of rotational speeds or linear rate with our optional Contact Adaptor accessory type A2100/01.

The voltage output on the A2108-LSR Analogue Output version provides 1mv/rev = 6vdc @ 6000 rpm.

The A2108-LSR version is switched On manually, using the continuous mode feature. option, provided continuous measurement is taking place the Probe will remain in the ON mode. An Auto OFF feature provides shutdown if no activity is logged for 1 minute.

One model - Analogoutput


  • Long optical range - up to 2 metre (6ft)
  • Very wide speed range - up to 60,000rpm
  • Self powered - integral AAA batteries
  • Optical & Contact measurement with Adaptor)
  • Hand held, bracket or tripod mounting


General to A2108-LSR

Speed ranges
Range I.
Range II.

100 - 6000 rpm
1000 - 60,000 rpm
Range selectUp Arrow = I.Down arrow = II.
Output signalAnalogue 0.1-6vdc both ranges
Accuracy+/- 0.5% resolution 1.5mV
Zero offset Max. 6mV Analogue version
Update timeTime of one revor 1millisecond
Controls2 x Press to Measure buttonsOne Continuous Mode button

General to A2108-LSR-232

Speed range100 - 60,000 rpm continuous
Resolution+/- 1 rpm
Accuracy+/- 0.1%
Connections 1m Cable + Serial plug
Capture mode 0.1 sec
Controls On, Invert, Capture, Ratio
Auto OffAuto shutdown ifinactive for 5 minutes
Signal IndicatorYes in display
On target ind.Yes
Low battery ind.Yes in display
Power4 x AAA batteries-supplied

Both Models

Optical RangeUp to 2m (6ft)
Optical Angle+/- 80 Degrees
Light sourceLaser Class II 635nm
On Target ind.Green LED
Power4 x AAA batteries - supplied
Connections Binder connector + 1m cable
MountingCamera bush fitted





Analog output

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Product Price
Compact A2108/LSR/232 Non Contact Tachometer with RS232 Output, NO DISPLAY, ASCII Data Output In Hexadecimal Format $485.00
Accessories Price
205T - Reflective Tape (1 in x 7 in) $5.00
205TS - Reflective Tab Sheet (35 1/2 in x 1/2 in) $5.00
DT-TRI-HD Tripod for Tachometers and Stroboscopes $35.00
205TS-4 Qty 4 Refl. Tab Sheets 35 1/2 $15.00
A2100/01 - Spare Contact Adapter for Compact Tachometers $99.00



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