Compact CT6 Optical Tachometer with Contact Adapter - English Units

Price: $ 579.00

Compact CT6 Optical / Contact Handheld Tachometer with LED Display
Type: Combination Contact & Non-Contact Tachometer
Measuring Range:
Non-Contact - 3.00 - 99,999 rpm
Contact - 3.00 - 50,000 rpm
Display Type: LED

The Compact CT6 Optical/Contact Handheld Tachometers with LED display are available in a variety of models to suit most applications, with large Bright LED displays and a wide selection of excellent features, including standard optical system range up to 3ft (1M) or with a Laser system with a range up to 6ft (2m) for enhanced optical performance. These Tachometers have facilities for both Optical and Contact measurements


CT6/LSR/ERP is supplied with the LN1 short speed adaptor and has the facility for the end user to be able to adjust the optical sensitivity. This is useful when measuring high speeds using the LN1 short range adaptor where the target may be a mark rather that retro-reflective tape


  • Includes Certificate of calibration
  • Long Optical Range
  • Additional Count & Times modes
  • Very wide speed range
  • Last reading hold & recall memory
  • Range of contact adapters for rpm & linear rate
  • External input for remote optical sensors isstandard
  • Wide range of accessories


Measuring Range3 to 99,999 rpm
Resolutionmax - 0.001 (auto)
Optical RangeCT6: 2 - 36" (.05 - 1m)
CT6/LSR: 2 - 72" (.05 - 2m)
Count Mode Resolution0.1 metre or 1rpm
Time accumulative0.01 - 99999 secs
Time Interval0.01 - 99999 (seconds/rev.)
Accuracy0.05% rpm/time
On Target IndicatorYes
Low battery IndicatorYes
Power4 AAA Batteries (included)
Contact Measurement mode With LSAB-2 Adaptor attached
RPM3 - 50,000 rpm
Meters / Min0.30 - 1999.9
Feet/Min0.30 - 4500.0
Length0-999.9 meters (resolution 0.1 meters)
Total Rev.0-9999 revolutions

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Product Price
Compact CT6 Optical Tachometer with Contact Adapter - English Units $579.00
Accessories Price
205TS - Reflective Tab Sheet (35 1/2 in x 1/2 in) $5.00
L5V Spare Lamps 3-Pack $25.00
205T - Reflective Tape (1 in x 7 in) $5.00
RT5 5 Meter Reflective Tape $40.00
DES/01/D - Diesel Adaptor (5PIN DIN) $175.00
DES/01/J - Diesel Adaptor 3.5mm Plug $175.00
DES/01/T - Diesel Adaptor Str Lead $175.00
LSAB-2 Linear Speed Adaptor $89.00
LSAB/3/9109 H/D Adaptor +20cm Ribbed Wheel $175.00
LSAB/3/9110 H/D Adaptor +20cm Smooth Wheel $175.00



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